November 22, 2018
Written by Ilkka Puikkonen

If you have ever led a software integration project, you’ll know it’s no walk in the park. You will also know that it is not as simple as just pointing one API at another and waiting for ‘the magic’ to happen!


But here at ONEiO Cloud we have developed some pretty cool technologies, which take a way this pain and lets you seamlessly managed many-to-many software integrations from a single screen. But most people think that this is something that ‘other businesses’ use and it’s not for them. That their tools are different somehow and that an easy-to-use or simpler way of working won’t be compatible with their software. Luckily that’s all wrong!


Here are a few examples of commonly used software and application integrations that can be integrated into any ecosystem within a day.


ServiceNow - ITSM integration

It’s the biggest player in the Service Management and IT Operations market space today. Thousands of businesses use it every day to oversee service desk, asset management, monitoring and self-service. But like most ITSM software users, these businesses only scratch the surface of what the tools can do.


We have found that by enabling ServiceNow integrations into other tools such as Jira for development and/or other lighter touch ITSM tools such as ZenDesk or Freshservice, businesses can gain huge amounts more leverage over the features and functionality of ServiceNow.


Atlassian Jira - DevOps Integration


Atlassian have become the unquestionable market leader in developer tools. Jira in particular is a product project management tool has changed the game in terms of how businesses can ideate and deliver products at lightning speed. But one persistent problem is that the feedback loop of ‘customer need’ to product life-cycle is sticky and slow.


So, integrating Jira into more customer facing tools such as service desk and CRM can radically improve that feedback loop. At ONEiO we can now have feedback loops from tools such as Salesforce automatically pushing customer requirements into Jira, within less than a day of setup time!


Salesforce - CRM Integration


Yes, this one is a big one. Salesforce has become the heartbeat of so many businesses around the world. It stores almost all our customer data, touches every customer interaction and influences the success of each sale we make. But with that in mind, how do all the smaller and lighter pieces of software that orbit around it get to tap into that value?


We find that a lot of IT leaders are nervous to integrate into Salesforce because it looks like a big project, with a lot of data and a lot of connection points. But in reality, this isn’t the case at all. ONEiO actually has most of the common integrations used by Salesforce customers pre-built and ready to start using within 24hrs.


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