May 25, 2020
Written by Janne Kärkkäinen

Hire a robot... WTF?


Once we had an idea that connecting different tools should be simple. Period.


Eight years ago we started building adapters and connectors to different systems so we could have the possibility to integrate them. Pretty soon it became obvious that simply having a connector hardly made a difference. You need to know how to use it and as with most things, if you know how to use it, you’re good. So please, anyone who knows how, please raise your hand... Hmm, hardly anyone... That’s what we came to understand. Okay, so now what? Well, you need to find someone with the right know how. This is where things start to become time consuming & expensive. Now you begin to see the larger picture of what we were thinking back in these days.


To be able to integrate different tools, you need two layers of logic.


  1. You need to be able to have a bi-directional dialog with the tool, with the terms of the tool
  2. You need to be able to build an orchestration logic between these dialogs specifically in a use case where you have multiple parties (e.g. peoples, processes and tool combos involved).


Okay. This is already beginning to sound complex. Believe me, it is. This is why this task should not be performed by humans.


Free Yourself Hire a Robot


It’s interesting to see how there is a huge boom in the market for building adapters and connectors. That’s nice, but we're still really far from having something that actually does something of value for you. We at ONEiO quite soon came to realize that we need to bundle all these connectors together, so we can provide something that works (i.e. an application). We’ve done that now, and we call them ONEiO Endpoint types. Next, we needed to build intelligence that would construct the orchestration logic between these (oh so very!) different endpoint types automatically. And, that’s where we introduce software robots!


Let’s be honest. If one must start to learn how different API’s and other integration related components work, you most likely find yourself watching your life drain like sand between your fingers. Like in many sectors of IT, this topic is one of the most complex and hard to understand. For this reason alone, most of the integrations that you might want to build, just never get done. But the future will be different. We’ve outsourced many tasks that are repetitive or time consuming for us to robots already. Now it’s time to do it for integrations. If you had an idea that you personally, would take any integration platform, add your own connectors and develop the logic on your own, don’t do it! Your life will be much better if you simply sit back and let the robots build it for you.


So if you find yourself now questioning if it's time to move on from Traditional...


I have the answer for you... YES! Take what we've learned and run with it. In fact we'll even give you the keys to test out the robots yourself. Simply create a free 14 day subscription, add your applications and see how simple the robots have made the process.