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What does it take for MSP to stand out from the competition?

Great question. We have been working with Service Providers  and third-party integration partners for over a decade. What I have learned in this time is that the ‘good-to-great’ dynamic that underpins the best Service providers comes down to three consistent things.

The first is customer centricity, in the sense that each decision made, is done so with the success of the customer in mind. The second is agility in their approach to the changes both they and their customers need to be truly competitive. And the third is a laser focus on integration, so that every service and function across the customer relationship can easily connect and work within any other area of the service ecosystem.

Right now, I want to focus on this last concept, because despite them success many businesses are having with integration, I am increasingly aware of the number of MSPs who are failing to reach their potential, by not offering integration as readily as they must to both new and existing customers.

Why should you lead your service offering with integration? 

Integration is the bedrock of a high-functioning and truly modern service offering. The software ecosystems that businesses operate on are continually growing and becoming far more complex to manage. This puts increasing pressure on back-end IT functions and third parties to oversee successful integrations. And to add further complexity, the use of APIs and handmade integrations don’t offer sufficient solutions anymore. 

The customers themselves, also don’t want to manage the complexities of ensuring the various tools, teams and processes are as connected as they should be. The reason they have sought outsourced support, is so they may focus on their own customer-facing activities.

So, proactively providing continually improving integrations enables your customers to advance their work and to always be ready for making the most of new technologies as they emerge. This focus on flexibility becomes a highly sellable outcome for you as an Service Provider as you can genuinely offer faster and more agile approaches to software selection, integration, implementation, migration and innovation.

A service that fully automates and centralises integration, with the additional benefits of being able to make integration changes a no/low code and manual labour fashion, enables your customers to unlock themselves from one of the biggest obstacles found in large scale software projects.

Could you become a ONEiO Reseller?

ONEiO partners come in all shapes and sizes and can operate around the globe. There's a numerous tiers that partners can become a part of, which offer a tailored set of benefits and opportunities based on your revenue and volume of integrations.

Partners and their customers can begin working from integration automation platform right away too. Your first integrations can be up and running in a few hours (unlike the weeks and months you might be used to) and you never have to make an upfront payment for setup. This is a true revolution to what is possible with an integration platform. Not only does it reduce the initial and overall cost of integration, but also the risk profile of the integration work itself.

Much more than just re-selling software…

As a partner, you don’t just get access to re-sell the ONEiO Integration Automation Platform. You also get to join a family of experts, who want to see you and your customers succeed. A ONEiO partner isn’t just more competitive because of the technology they now offer, but also now provide a wealth of knowledge and consultation around high-performing integrations, all the for cost of a per-integration subscription.  

If you would like to become a more competitive Service Provider and open up your business to world of new customers and projects, our expert team of integration specialists and partner managers would love to speak to you. Get in touch today and start your journey towards becoming a cutting-edge provider of integration solutions.

Get your license to sell, today!

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