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Fujitsu and ONEiO Celebrate 5 Years of Setting Clients on Smooth Paths

Some years ago, Fujitsu Finland and ONEiO Cloud Oy (formerly Service-Flow) agreed on a collaboration reaching for the future: Fujitsu, as a reseller, can offer its clients ONEiO iPaaS integration solution for service management and process automation.

Five years together – close partnership makes the client’s digital path smoother

ONEiO’s integration solution can automate integrations utilized e.g. in many different kinds of ICT services and SIAM implementations that are necessary as digitalization progresses and becomes everyday reality. 

”Clients demand faster and easier deployment of new solutions as well as flexibility. We use ONEiO in our ServiceNow practice, in particular, to remove bottlenecks efficiently from integration projects. This is why the partnership with ONEiO is an important mainstay for us,” says Sales Director Jukka Hämäläinen from Fujitsu ServiceNow. Fujitsu is the largest and most experienced ServiceNow provider in Europe. 

From Fujitsu’s ServiceNow practice’s viewpoint, the solution is directly linked to the heart of digitalization. It is about automating the processes related to system integration in a modern way, utilizing robotic process automation. 

ONEiO’s solution is an enabler to Fujitsu. It helps tackle and tame the challenges traditionally encountered in system integration. These often include e.g. the lack of integration expertise and resources, tight schedules, and making sure the integrations will work even in the future. Compared to other solutions, ONEiO has the benefit of being able to get the ecosystems and integration interfaces of other service providers connected, so each party can keep their own tools and software, and there is no need to learn new software or ways of working. 

”ONEiO is a ground-breaking solution, as it challenges traditional ways of designing and implementing software integrations. It also decreases the amount of manual labour significantly. Fujitsu is an important partner to us, because it also wants to provide services in a new way. We have a clear common vision of what digitalization requires,” says Sales Director Erkka Heinola from ONEiO Cloud Oy. 

From the point of view of a service provider like Fujitsu, ONEiO’s solution supports ServiceNow practice’s sales. 

“It makes sure that that the winning car has winning tyres, i.e. that all the other parties connected to ServiceNow also communicate with each other,” Heinola continues. 

Fujitsu is ServiceNow’s strategic partner and its largest integrator in Europe. We have over 400 consultants in all in our ranks; about 40 of them work in Finland. We have served Finnish clients since 2009. In June 2019, Symfoni Finland Oy merged into its parent company Fujitsu Finland Oy, transferring Symfoni’s local business, contract, and liabilities to Fujitsu. The operation continues, develops, and grows now under the name of ServiceNow practice. 

Fujitsu Contact Information: Jukka Hämäläinen 

Text courtesy of Net Magazine 2020,  2020-06-04

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