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How EiPaaS reduce enterprise integration costs?

ITSM, enterprise IT and ITIL are fundamentally enabled by its ability to change. The rate of change in business is rapidly increasing in order to enable competitiveness in the new-era of digital products and services.

More than that, IT is increasingly expected to be at the heart of each and every big change a business makes. So not only do business leaders need to get to grips with modern approaches to agility and change, but IT leaders need to be one step ahead of them in order to be best prepared to discuss, design and implement innovations and improvements to the business.

Here at ONEiO we have developed a modern EiPaaS solution that helps unlock speed, agility and a rate of change that most businesses dream of having. 

Through years of consulting and developing bespoke software solutions, we have uncovered a set of software integration related issues that almost every fast-growing business faces, and created a simple and easy to use SaaS solution that remove software and process integration challenges from the complexity of change. 

We call it Integration Automation Platform.

What is Enterprise integration and EiPaaS?

Since we can remember, if one wanted to connect one system to another it had to be manually coded an integrated. If you want those two systems to have a more complex relationship, where they could actually ask each other to carry out certain actions, we’d have to create even more complex and bespoke code, and usually seek expert help to do so. When we then wanted to change, remove or add new systems to the mix, that would be a whole new set of coding and manual integrations.

To make matters worse, we made this process necessary, through the way we forged supplier and third party partnerships, almost forcing each other to create fragile and difficult to manage integrations between our software, processes and teams. This is the problem we have used SaaS to solve.

We have a single platform, which has all the common integrations you use between systems such as ServiceNow, Jira, Salesforce and SAP (and a lot more!!) pre-built and ready to go. All messages between the different systems are then managed centrally and passed around your software eco-system in such away, that you never need to worry about integrations breaking or having no visibility over what’s going on.

We created ONEiO Integration Automation platform (EiPaaS) to solve a number of business challenges. It isn’t just about making software easier to use or to save IT time. It’s also about enabling real change within the businesses. We have seen company after company; design wonderful solutions and innovations to make them bigger and better than their competition.

Only to then fall by the wayside, because they couldn’t get the technology in place due to legacy systems and poor capabilities around connecting new systems to old ones. Heavy and expensive projects to either replace old systems or outsource important services, in order to move ahead with another plan, then weigh the business down and hold it back from achieving its competitive advantages. So; we enable business change, agility and innovation, which is what makes our work important to both us and our customers.

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Calculate integration total cost of ownership and compare subscription based integration to traditional point to point integrations with our calculator. Download free spreadsheet below (no registration needed)


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But it’s not all business, business business. We want to make IT’s job easier and more enjoyable too. When you have a host of fragile and hard to manage integrations in place, they break a lot and cause a lot of headaches and late nights for IT. People in IT love to feel in control and like they have a good view of what’s going on across their technical eco-system. Our solution maybe for the business, but our product is very much for IT.

We want to work with ambitious businesses that see value in high performing integrations

Complexity breads complexity. We don’t just want to help businesses and IT teams that want to drive down costs, but also achieve something simpler and more effective along the way. As a company and a provider of modern IT solutions, we have always found our greatest successes have come from working with other IT teams who want to improve and create  high-performing integrations, which cut the costs of difficult to build and implement technology projects and simplifies the complex nature of traditional multi-vendor/software IT environments

If these sound like challenges you are currently facing, we’d love to show you how we can help. Just get in touch with our expert team today.