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Integration Service Provider ONEiO removes bottleneck for Global Water Challenge

When one thinks of water conservation, the first thing to come to mind isn’t typically an IT integration solution but ONEiO looks to change that.


The Global Water Challenge (TGWC), an initiative launched by GoHub (the corporate venturing arm of Global Omnium) and in partnership with IBM Finland, Nordea and University of Helsinki announced the winner of their potential investment of up to €3 million euros during Slush, Europe’s leading technology and startup event on Thursday Dec 2, 2021. The honor went to integration service provider ONEiO.




But what exactly do enterprise integration solutions have to do with water and sustainability?


As Juha Berghäll, CEO of ONEiO put it, “Clean water runs on high tech. Thousands of sensors, systems and applications as well as infrastructure keep these systems afloat. Water management requires know-how and innovation in order to ensure global water supply. But this management requires collaboration with internal and external teams, systems and suppliers. If the collaboration is not seamless, if the processes don’t “flow” end-to-end and if the implementation of the latest technology is complex due to the legacy infrastructure, then we are left with inefficient operations, complex and unscalable IT infrastructure making water supply expensive and in the worst case, unreliable."


Berghäll continues: “Much like with a water bottle, integrations can be seen as the conical top, the bottleneck that slows down the free flow of data and collaboration, in this context integrations are the biggest bottleneck of enterprise digitalization. Traditional approach for the enterprise integrations makes them time consuming, costly and difficult to manage. ONEiO removes this bottleneck with a developed cloud native integration automation platform that removes these stumbling points. The integration set up and delivery is fully automated and is provided as an affordable enterprise grade pay-per-use cloud service that is available 24/7. With ONEiO managing the flow of data, global water suppliers can focus on the flow of water.”


The honorary selection was made by an expert committee of TGWC’s organizing partners. With the win, ONEiO is now given the opportunity to develop a paid use case at Global Omnium, a top 5 global water utility.


The Global Water Challenge


One of GoHub’s flagship projects, The Global Water Challenge focuses on optimizing industry processes in an effort to manage resources efficiently and sustainably. Through technology and digital transformation, GoHub has asked companies to join their initiative starting in New York and Barcelona and has now looked to the Scandinavian ecosystem and Helsinki. By 2022, they expect to reach Canada and Amsterdam. For more information, visit: 


GoHub by Global Omnium


GoHub, launched in 2019, is Global Omnium’s corporate venturing arm for investing in startups which bring disruptive solutions to process automation, cost reduction, product innovation and sustainability in Industry 4.0. 


The Global Omnium Group


Chaired by Eugenio Calabuig, Global Omnium was founded in Valencia 130 years ago, and operates today in over 400 cities in Spain, where it manages the entire water cycle in conjunction with local governments. Its international expansion through Idrica, the utility’s technological solutions platform, now encompasses four continents with over seven million customers. Global Omnium is a benchmark in the sector and is among the top five water utilities in the world.




ONEiO Cloud is a cloud-native integration platform and service provider connecting people, processes, and tools – enabling seamless collaboration without traditional integration hassle. Provided as a turn-key solution, as self-service, or something in between. You choose. 


Founded in 2011 in Helsinki, Finland, and now with offices in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, ONEiO’s approach to solving traditional integration delivery and production challenges with their vendor neutral integration solution has seen rapid demand among European and North American enterprises as well as Managed Services Providers.