5 ways to simplify your approach to CSI

Ilkka Puikkonen | 18.11.2015
Blog, CSI

Toby Moore is a young and vibrant ITSM professional with a surprisingly wide range of experiences. Toby is now the newly appointed Community Manager for AXELOS, running and developing all the community initiatives for ITIL, PPM and RESILA professionals around the world. Before that Toby was the Event Manager for SITS, the largest European event for ITSM, and a Service Desk Manager for global private education provider. Toby is also a popular industry speaker and writer, with his work featuring in ServiceTalk,...

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Focus on what matters

serviceflow | 13.10.2015

In his blog post about customer centricity Ivor Macfarlane attempts to pinpoint the common problems why service integrations fail. The problem is, as with any business transaction - how do we give customers the solution that they need?

The solution is seemingly quite simple - the customers need to be involved and listened to when their project is tailored. This is of course easier said than done and Ivor points out numerous pitfalls explaining why so many integration projects fail.

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SIAM networking event and London office launch

Tiina Eronen | 05.10.2015

Last Thursday October 1st we had an excellent SIAM networking event and the office opening at the Heron Tower in London.  Thank you to our guest speaker James Finister and all our guests for spending a wonderful night with us!

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The customer centric conundrum

Tiina Eronen | 28.09.2015
Blog, customerexperience, customer management, customer service, customer experience, integrated customer relationship management

In 23 years working for the UK government, Ivor Macfarlane moved from forestry to ITSM via prisons, warehousing and training. In 1999 he became an ITSM consultant and trainer. He was an author for ITIL (versions 1, 2 & 3), ISO20000 and ITSM library and an ITIL examiner since 1991. An active contributor to social media and blogs, he is well known at ITSM events and has presented around the world (40 countries so far and on every continent except Antarctica).

Who is your customer?

We are told to become ‘customer...

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Agile Service Integrations – For Real?

Ilkka Puikkonen | 14.09.2015
Blog, continuous improvement, service improvement, SIAM integrations, SIAM

Let’s face it, getting everything right the first time is not easy, especially when dealing with complex settings like multi-vendor SIAM rollouts.

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Inside Service Flow SaaS - Conversation attribute – What is it?

Juha Berghäll | 05.09.2015
Blog, Cloud, Integrationmanagement, ITSM, SaaS

Service Flow has brought a concept of conversation to ITSM integrations.

Conversation is an overview of a single tickets lifecycle between all connected endpoints. This view helps the administrators to rapidly see how, when and by whom the ticket has been updated.

Usually when integration is built, it is mainly developed to relay messages. That means that mappings and translations can only be done with the information that the updated message includes at the time. With conversation attribute we at Service Flow...

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How hard can IT be?

Juha Berghäll | 05.09.2015
Blog, agile, Cloud, ICT
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