The Next Generation iPaaS replaces traditional iPaaS - why and how?

Ilkka Puikkonen | 10.07.2019
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In this article we will guide you through the past, present and the future of integrations. Currently iPaaS seem to be the weapon of choice for many enterprises and managed service providers (MSP). What is the next generation iPaaS and how it will effect to businesses all over the world?

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iPaaS is obsolete. What's next?

Ilkka Puikkonen | 04.07.2019
Blog, iPaaS, next generation iPaaS

Back in golden days of mobile phones, Nokia was the king. They were really good phones, packed with well thought-out features and built with reliable hardware (most of them still work today!).

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3 tips how to become a more competitive MSP

Sanna Haapio | 03.07.2019
Businessman hand working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interface as concept-1
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....And 3 tips to get started


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The pros and cons of using no-code integrations

Juha Berghäll | 26.06.2019
Spiral of shiny binary code
Blog, cloud integration

Getting to grips with ‘no-code’ integrations can be a little frustrating for the die-hard techies. Taking something that you have long-done with code, scripts and adventurous tinkering and replacing with a clean and crisp interface can feel like you have had your toys taken away from you.

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ONEiO Unplugged: Software Integration Market Trends with Juha Berghäll

Ilkka Puikkonen | 20.06.2019
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ONEiO Unplugged

In this edition of ONEiO unplugged we speak to CEO, Juha Berghäll. It is often tricky for IT leaders to keep ahead of upcoming changes and developments in the marketplace. Juha is fortunately well-known for having his finger on the pulse, so we asked him about what he see’s coming up in the future for those tackling large-scale integration work and how the market is responding.

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What CTO’s actually need to know about iPaaS

Janne Kärkkäinen | 18.06.2019
Blog, Cloud, cloud integration, iPaaS

Most businesses are losing time, money and business value through big gaps in their integrations.

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5 tips for migrating service integrations to the cloud

Ilkka Puikkonen | 12.06.2019
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Blog, Cloud, cloud integration, integration as a service

Migrating any IT service to the cloud can feel like a big project full of risks and blind spots! So, how can you reduce the risks when looking specifically at migrating your integrations to cloud-based services?

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3 vital questions to ask about your SIAM project

Juha Berghäll | 15.05.2019
Blog, SIAM, service integration

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) projects are some of the most complex undertakings an IT department can embark upon. This is because there are so many end-points to the work you are doing. Each team, third party, supplier and customer is going to have unique needs, ways of working and technologies, which you will need to make and mould your project around.

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How to measure the ROI of Business Integrations

Ilkka Puikkonen | 30.04.2019
Blog, SIAM, business service integration

The objective of creating business integrations is to create more productive services, which in turn provide greater customer outcomes. It’s a simple combination, but the tools and methods of getting it right are swimming in an ocean of complexity.

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Incident Management for Multiple Service Desks

Erkka Heinola | 23.04.2019

Incident management is one of the most commonly adopted practices in IT service management. This is because it formalises the highest demand a business has on its frontline IT support functions, which is ‘resolving’ things when they don’t do what a business user wants or expects them to do.

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