Press releases / 08.03.2018

LEHDISTÖTIEDOTE: Service-Flow valitsi Relatorin kumppanikseen palveluintegraatioiden salaustoimintojen kehittämiseen

Relatorilla on useita yhteistyökumppaneita ja yksi niistä on palveluintegraatioita mullistava Service-Flow. Service-Flow tuottaa ja kehittää palvelu- ja liiketoimintaprosessien integroimiseen suunnitteltua...

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Blog / 13.02.2018

Control, transparency & trust - don't let GDPR and data security slow you down

There is one trend that has stuck with IT. Through from the days of mainframes, to the golden years of ITIL, the swift adoption of agile and now onwards into the much anticipated age of AI. This trend of course is the...

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Press releases / 12.10.2017

PRESS RELEASE: Service-Flow and Sollertis Alliance brings Business Relationship Management (BRM) and IT Business Alignment to all ITSM platforms

Helsinki, Finland - Swindon, UK

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Blog, ITSM / 07.08.2017

A global view of IT - where it’s going right and where it is not

Juha Berghäll, CEO of Service-Flow reflects on a busy year of discussing the future of ITSM with people around the world. And presents is somewhat challenging view of the industry today.

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Blog, SIAM / 04.07.2017

What happens when you move SIAM up a gear?

Okay, so forgive me for the cheesy and sensational headline. I couldn’t help myself! My last blog addressed some broad topics around how we measure the success of MSP’s in a SIAM environment and share out the...

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Blog / 21.06.2017

In the world of SIAM - who is responsible for the SLA’s and KPI’s?

If you’ve been running your IT organisation on the ITIL® for the past however long, and you’re now looking to focus on adopting SIAM as your core approach to managing IT services, you may well be considering what...

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Service-Flow Unplugged / 05.06.2017

Service-Flow Unplugged: Revolutionising the way we connect ITSM software

Ahead of SITS - The Service Desk Show (7-8th June, London) Service-Flow Chief Product Officer, Janne Kärkkäinen is interviewed about some of the tools you’ll be able to get hands on with at the show and the latest...

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Blog / 29.05.2017

Implementing high performing supplier management - on budget and on time

This time I write about some of the themes I will cover in my seminar on agile supplier management and improving approach to SIAM at SITS17 – The Service Desk Show (7-8 June, London).

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Blog / 26.05.2017

SIAM for Busy Service Desk Managers

SITS17 is fast approaching, and SIAM is a proving to be a hot topic once again!

To help Service Desk and IT Managers looking to use SITS to help them make decisions about how to move forward with SIAM, software...

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Service-Flow Unplugged / 24.05.2017

SIAM and Integrations: Interview with Tieto's Integration Architect

Service-Flow has partnerships with a wide range of service providers around the world, including a long standing relationship with Tieto.

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