Press releases / 09.05.2017

Service-Flow and Tieto to expand cooperation in the Nordics

Service-Flow and the leading Nordic IT provider Tieto are expanding their cooperation which will enable Tieto to provide selected Service-Flow integration services to its customers across the Nordics with high...

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Service-Flow Unplugged / 04.05.2017

Service-Flow Unplugged: Improvement, integration and the ‘bigger picture’ with Janne Kärkkäinen

In this edition of Service-Flow Unplugged we speak to CPO Janne Kärkkäinen about how IT leaders can bring principles of ITIL, Continous Service Improvement (CSI) and SIAM together to create more robust, agile and...

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Blog, ITSM, service improvement, integration, Integrationmanagement, ICT / 27.04.2017

4 ways to make service management ‘invisible’

Many IT teams strive to deliver smoother and more enjoyable customer experiences as a part of their services. However, what does it mean to truly remove the technical and process complexity from end user interactions?

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Blog, SIAM, SIAM integrations, service desk / 27.03.2017

Five top tips for Service Desk Managers working with SIAM

Whether you are living the SIAM dream already or just researching whether it is the right approach for you, the needs and future of the service desk will very likely be the front of your mind.

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Press releases / 07.03.2017

PRESS RELEASE: Service-Flow announces partnership with Nordic Service Integration and Management partner

The Finnish software service provider Service-Flow has announced a new partnering with the SIAM consultancy Syscom A/S.

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Service-Flow Unplugged / 02.03.2017

Service-Flow Unplugged: Thinking beyond the API

Hi Janne, thanks for joining us again for another Service-Flow Unplugged. In your last interview we talked a lot about migrating services across different platforms, this time we want to dig a little deeper into the...

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Blog, SIAM, oneioforiIT, SIAM integrations, ITSM / 06.02.2017

SIAM for high performing CIO’s

Complex and fast moving business targets require complex and reliable IT systems and services. However, in order for IT leaders to remain focused on high levels of availability and making effective and significant IT...

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Blog / 10.01.2017

ITSM in 2017: A CEO’s thoughts on the year ahead

Coming back to work after the festive break, I feel really pleased to have had some time to reflect on the work I do. A little bit of down time has really helped me to gain extra clarity over my company, the industry we...

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Blog / 09.12.2016

Fully Automated Service Networks – My Vision of the Future

Most of today’s integration toolsets focus on getting one system talking to another. This is helpful because it removes the need to manually manage the movement of data and the potential for human error.

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Blog / 02.11.2016

Why has Service Integration become so slow and expensive?

There is now an old way of managing service integrations, the problem is that everyone is still doing it. The old way involves a lot of manual work, most of which is hidden from view and takes a long time to both setup...

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