Blog / 03.10.2016

Three things IT teams can do when they save 288 hours a year on support tickets

Service-Flow recently worked with a customer who we calculated was losing on average one hour a week in effective IT support time.

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Blog / 26.08.2016

TiVi: Suomalainen it-talo äkkäsi markkinaraon

Tietoviikko julkaisi tiistaina 23.8.2016 artikkelin Service-Flow'n kehittämästä, innovatiivisesta ratkaisusta, joka tehostaa ja nopeuttaa hankalina pidettyjä it-integraatioita.

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Press releases / 20.06.2016

PRESS RELEASE: Service-Flow announces partnership with German ITSM Consultancy

The Finnish software service provider Service-Flow has announced a new partnering with the German consulting company Expertize GmbH.

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Blog, service management, service desk / 06.06.2016

Your service desk has how many suppliers!? Running a multi-vendor environment is no simple task

We have become very used to managing services and support staff and our own IT environments, which often means the idea of adding greater complexity through the use of more suppliers can seem daunting.  So beyond the...

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Service-Flow Unplugged / 15.05.2016

Service-Flow Unplugged: Why simpler IT means faster ways to beat competitors

Managing the development of cutting edge technology is a tough and challenging job. However, Janne Kärkkäinen the CTO at Service-Flow took a few minutes out of his busy day to tell us what he gets up to.

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Press releases / 04.05.2016

PRESS RELEASE: Service-Flow announces partnership with significant UK ITSM Consultancy

The Finnish software service provider Service-Flow has announced a major new partnering with the UK ITSM consulting firm Syniad IT.

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Blog / 28.04.2016

Service-Flow CEO shares the company’s latest breakthrough

At Service-Flow, we are great believers in having a good vision and sticking to it. As a result of this, recently the company has made some massive leaps forward and in this blog post, Service-Flow Co-Founder and CEO, ...

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Press releases / 26.04.2016

PRESS RELEASE - Service-Flow make it on to Gartner's Cool Vendors list

The theme of Gartner's 2016's Cool Vendors in ITSM report is innovative analytics and service aggregation for higher efficiency and effectiveness. All areas that modern businesses are so eagerly demanding from their...

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Press releases / 26.04.2016

LEHDISTÖTIEDOTE - Gartnerin Cool Vendors -listalla suomalainen Service-Flow

Cool Vendors -listalle pääsevät vain yritykset, jotka tutkimusyritys Gartnerin kriteerien mukaisesti tarjoavat innovatiivista ja uusia tekemisen tapoja mahdollistavaa, asiakkaan liiketoimintaan vaikuttavaa ja kiehtovaa...

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integration, ITSM, Blog, SIAM, SIAM integrations / 07.04.2016

Service Desk meets SIAM: Integrating people, process and tools - with a multiplier

Service Integration and Management, SIAM, has hold ITSM crowd’s attention for a couple of years now and it is beginning to establish itself. Yet, it seems that there are as many explanations as there are explainers....

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