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ONEiO announces partnership with ITSM Consultancy in UK

The Finnish software service provider ONEiO (formerly Service-Flow) has announced a major new partnering with the UK ITSM consulting firm Syniad IT.

ONEiO, who produce a revolutionary service integration software solution for IT, have seen high levels of growth in Finland and the Nordics over the past three years. The company launched in the UK in 2015.

In response to positive market feedback and high demand in the UK since the launch, ONEiO have been seeking out resale and implementation partnerships. The new partnering with Syniad is a significant leap forward in fulfilling this strategy.

 “We are delighted to announce this latest step forward in our efforts to grow in the UK. Response from the UK IT market has been overwhelming. Establishing the partnerships with companies like Syniad IT really excites me, as I now know we have the capacity to help even more companies overcome the complexities of service integration.” Says ONEiO CEO and Co-founder Juha Berghäll.  

Industry speculation around the partnership suggests that as the awareness of SIAM (Service Integration and Management) grows, the demand for software solutions such as ONEiO will flourish. Steve Morgan, Director of Syniad IT explained that there is a strong trend in the IT market, where IT organisations are struggling to extract business value from their current methods of integration.

“Our clients share common challenges, in that they are all trying to consolidate processes and data from multiple sources. SIAM is becoming more prevalent in the market, and there is a strong demand from customers for a solution removes the complexity and effort involved in linking ITSM systems together” Says Steve Morgan.

The partnership between the two companies also contributes to a larger vision, which focuses on educating the market place around taking a stronger approach to understanding their needs from IT.

Products such as ONEiO create very specific solutions, particularly in the simplification and automation of services. Consulting firms such as Syniad are then able to take this solution and apply the specialist knowledge required to create focussed and high value outcomes from processes, not technology.

When discussing this, Morgan said “In order to successfully deploy a tool such as ONEiO, our clients need to fully understand the outcomes they are looking to achieve, and have a clear view of their requirements.  We have significant experience of architecting such solutions, ensuring requirements are known and consensus is reached across the business”.

With ONEiO forming strong reseller and consulting partnerships such as this cooperation with Syniad, the company is set to grow quickly in the UK. ONEiO also has plans to soon expand into the USA and other areas of Europe.

“Having joined the company when it was just a small startup, I always knew the risks. However, when risks payoff the rewards are often something great and that is exactly what we are seeing here today, for ONEiO in the UK. This is a time of rapid growth for the business, which is commercially very encouraging. Though more importantly, I am just very proud and happy to have seen our company go from strength to strength.” Said Chris Newcombe, ONEiO's UK Sales Director.

Newcombe, who joined the company in 2015 and now runs a sales office out of Heron Tower in London and has been the driving force behind much of the UK growth.

About Syniad:
Syniad IT is a boutique consulting firm, specialising in optimising IT organisations.  We do this through the design, build and implementation of IT operating models, process & governance models and complementary tooling.  Our clients operate in complex IT service delivery scenarios, typically involving multiple service providers.  We are leaders in Service Integration & Management (SIAM) operating models, where we leverage our extensive real-world experience, to bring our customers practical advice on how to operate their organisations more effectively.

About ONEiO:
ONEiO Cloud Oy is a software service provider specialized in developing and producing the world's first SaaS solution for Service Integration. ONEiO all-inclusive solution enables outsourcing service buyers and service providers to integrate ITSM tools and digitalize service processes just by subscribing to ONEiO SaaS. Connect, configure, run - in a day.

ONEiO offices are located in Helsinki and in London. Certified partners are supporting our clients to utilize ONEiO solution worldwide.

ONEiO made it on to Gartner's Cool Vendors list 2016.

For more information on the partnership please contact:
Erkka Heinola, CRO
+358 40 7486537 or

Syniad IT
Steve Morgan, Director
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