What CTO’s actually need to know about iPaaS

Janne Kärkkäinen | 18.06.2019
Blog, Cloud, cloud integration, iPaas

Most businesses are losing time, money and business value through big gaps in their integrations.

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5 tips for migrating service integrations to the cloud

Ilkka Puikkonen | 12.06.2019
3D Cloud - isolated over a white background
Blog, Cloud, cloud integration, integration as a service

Migrating any IT service to the cloud can feel like a big project full of risks and blind spots! So, how can you reduce the risks when looking specifically at migrating your integrations to cloud-based services?

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Digitalization’s role in effective service integration

Tiina Eronen | 02.02.2016
Blog, Cloud, ITSM, SaaS

Tuuli Bell has a passion for all things technical from physics to ITSM. Combined with her practical approach to communication, she is both a customer-oriented, and goal-focused advisor. Tuuli is a solution consultant at @Cherwell and secretary and social media officer at @bcsSMSG. She regularly speaks (and tweets) at service management events. She is also a member of @PhysicsNews; and previously an active member the @PGS_IOP committee. Before starting her career in service management, Tuuli received a PhD at...

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Delivering business support services in digital era - My users are driving Teslas - All I need to deliver is the electricity?

Juha Berghäll | 15.01.2016
Blog, Cloud, ITSM

It’s not a news flash anymore that the corporate market is characterised by consumerization and exponential growth of data volumes, business applications and devices as new technologies become more commonly adopted.

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Inside Service Flow SaaS - Conversation attribute – What is it?

Juha Berghäll | 05.09.2015
Blog, Cloud, ITSM, SaaS

Service Flow has brought a concept of conversation to ITSM integrations.

Conversation is an overview of a single tickets lifecycle between all connected endpoints. This view helps the administrators to rapidly see how, when and by whom the ticket has been updated.

Usually when integration is built, it is mainly developed to relay messages. That means that mappings and translations can only be done with the information that the updated message includes at the time. With conversation attribute we at Service Flow...

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How hard can IT be?

Juha Berghäll | 05.09.2015
Blog, Cloud
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