On-premise, cloud or hybrid model? And how to integrate?

Juha Berghäll | 13.08.2019
Blog, cloud integration, hybrid cloud integration

Why do on-premise solutions fail?

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How to build GREAT Service Desk integrations

Erkka Heinola | 24.07.2019
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Blog, ITSM, SIAM, cloud integration

Service Desks have been implementing and leveraging software integrations for a long time, but the landscape of how these integrations work and create meaningful value for businesses has changed a lot. However, some service desks are keeping up with the times and others are not. Because of this, service desks are now experiencing a broad mix of positive and negative impacts on the way they work, simply due to how their integrations are managed.

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How to select a cloud integration platform?

Erkka Heinola | 16.07.2019
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Blog, cloud integration, cloud integration platform


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The Next Generation iPaaS replaces traditional iPaaS - why and how?

Ilkka Puikkonen | 10.07.2019
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Blog, cloud integration, iPaas, integration hub, next generation iPaaS

In this article we will guide you through the past, present and the future of integrations. Currently iPaaS seem to be the weapon of choice for many enterprises and managed service providers (MSP). What is the next generation iPaaS and how it will effect to businesses all over the world?

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The pros and cons of using no-code integrations

Juha Berghäll | 26.06.2019
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Blog, cloud integration

Getting to grips with ‘no-code’ integrations can be a little frustrating for the die-hard techies. Taking something that you have long-done with code, scripts and adventurous tinkering and replacing with a clean and crisp interface can feel like you have had your toys taken away from you.

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What CTO’s actually need to know about iPaaS

Janne Kärkkäinen | 18.06.2019
Blog, Cloud, cloud integration, iPaas

Most businesses are losing time, money and business value through big gaps in their integrations.

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5 tips for migrating service integrations to the cloud

Ilkka Puikkonen | 12.06.2019
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Blog, Cloud, cloud integration, integration as a service

Migrating any IT service to the cloud can feel like a big project full of risks and blind spots! So, how can you reduce the risks when looking specifically at migrating your integrations to cloud-based services?

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Simple and quick guide for Salesforce and ServiceNow integration

Janne Kärkkäinen | 12.02.2019
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Blog, SaaS, cloud integration, integration as a service

Many IT and business leaders have taken it upon themselves to integrate these tools, often with little success and fragile results. This is because handmade, internally coded and API-driven integrations are not robust enough for modern business use.

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