Digitalization’s role in effective service integration

Tiina Eronen | 02.02.2016
Blog, agile, Cloud, continuous improvement, ITSM, SaaS, service improvement, SIAM integrations

Tuuli Bell has a passion for all things technical from physics to ITSM. Combined with her practical approach to communication, she is both a customer-oriented, and goal-focused advisor. Tuuli is a solution consultant at @Cherwell and secretary and social media officer at @bcsSMSG. She regularly speaks (and tweets) at service management events. She is also a member of @PhysicsNews; and previously an active member the @PGS_IOP committee. Before starting her career in service management, Tuuli received a PhD at...

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Agile Service Integrations – For Real?

Ilkka Puikkonen | 14.09.2015
Blog, continuous improvement, service improvement, SIAM integrations, SIAM

Let’s face it, getting everything right the first time is not easy, especially when dealing with complex settings like multi-vendor SIAM rollouts.

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