integration, Integrationmanagement, SIAM integrations, SIAM, oneioforiIT / 13.11.2018

10 software integration Tips for CIOS

 You’re in a great position. You can see the IT function within your business for what it is, the value it creates for your customers and how it enables better work within the organisation.

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Blog, ITSM, service improvement, integration, Integrationmanagement, ICT / 27.04.2017

4 ways to make service management ‘invisible’

Many IT teams strive to deliver smoother and more enjoyable customer experiences as a part of their services. However, what does it mean to truly remove the technical and process complexity from end user interactions?

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Cloud, Integrationmanagement, ITSM, SaaS, Blog / 05.09.2015

Inside Service Flow SaaS - Conversation attribute – What is it?

Service Flow has brought a concept of conversation to ITSM integrations.

Conversation is an overview of a single tickets lifecycle between all connected endpoints. This view helps the administrators to rapidly see how,...

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