servicenow, jira, salesforce, service management, service desk, service improvement, ITSM, customerexperience, Blog / 04.12.2018

Can you really integrate ServiceNow, Salesforce and Jira?

Yes. Of course you can!

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ITSM, customerexperience, ITIL, Blog, integration, integrationhub / 27.11.2018

5 ITSM Trends to lookout for in 2019

I must be getting older, as the years just seem to get shorter! But here I am, once again reflecting on a year of fascinating developments in the marketplace, making my speculations on what is next to come. ITIL 4™...

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Blog, ITSM / 22.11.2018

3 tools you didn’t know could be integrated in a day.

If you have ever led a software integration project, you’ll know it’s no walk in the park. You will also know that it is not as simple as just pointing one API at another and waiting for ‘the magic’ to happen!

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Blog, ITSM, SIAM integrations, SIAM / 20.11.2018

Service Integration Horror Stories (Part 2) – “Three Questions to ask yourself soon rather than later”

Earlier in the year we wrote three horror stories about Service Integration projects going wrong… there were (a little) fictional, but all based on things we have seen in real-life during our careers. In case you...

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Blog, ebooks, SIAM, service desk, SIAM integrations, ITSM / 16.10.2018

Optimising service desks for SIAM

How SIAM Changes the Role of IT in Your Business?

You may have heard the term ‘service desk brokers’ thrown around a bit in the last few years, particularly at big events or in industry publications. The premise...

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Blog, ICT, ITSM, HR / 24.09.2018

3 great tips for managing, motivating and empowering IT teams

Despite being a technology led business, with a killer SaaS solution at the heart of what we do, the art of managing technical people is pretty much what I spend a majority of my time doing, when I’m working with...

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Blog, ITSM, service management, oneioforiIT / 03.08.2018

5 ways to enable IT self-service without harassing your users

One of the biggest worries around launching new self-services capabilities is adoption. It is a well-found worry too, because so many IT teams of the past have failed to see their customers adopt self-service!

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ebooks, Blog, ITSM, SIAM, oneioforiIT / 28.06.2018

eBook: Finally an easy way to manage service integrations

Finally! An Easy Way to Manage Service Integrations

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Blog, ITSM, oneioforiIT / 31.05.2018

Why blaming hour ITSM tool might be the worst thing you can do?

Why blaming your ITSM tool might be the worst thing you can do

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Blog, ITSM / 07.08.2017

A global view of IT - where it’s going right and where it is not

Juha Berghäll, CEO of Service-Flow reflects on a busy year of discussing the future of ITSM with people around the world. And presents is somewhat challenging view of the industry today.

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