servicenow, jira, salesforce, service management, service desk, service improvement, ITSM, customerexperience, Blog / 04.12.2018

Can you really integrate ServiceNow, Salesforce and Jira?

Yes. Of course you can!

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Blog, employee experience, service desk, HR / 06.11.2018

3 practical tips for better employee experience through higher performing service integrations

“What!? Employee experience is an IT thing?...

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Blog, service desk, oneioforiIT / 30.10.2018

10 software integration Tips for Service Desk Managers

Leading the service desk during a complex service integration projects and implementations comes with a wide range of unique challenges. You are very much the single most important interface between the strategic...

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Blog, ebooks, SIAM, service desk, SIAM integrations, ITSM / 16.10.2018

Optimising service desks for SIAM

How SIAM Changes the Role of IT in Your Business?

You may have heard the term ‘service desk brokers’ thrown around a bit in the last few years, particularly at big events or in industry publications. The premise...

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Blog, SIAM, SIAM integrations, service desk / 27.03.2017

Five top tips for Service Desk Managers working with SIAM

Whether you are living the SIAM dream already or just researching whether it is the right approach for you, the needs and future of the service desk will very likely be the front of your mind.

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Blog, service management, service desk / 06.06.2016

Your service desk has how many suppliers!? Running a multi-vendor environment is no simple task

We have become very used to managing services and support staff and our own IT environments, which often means the idea of adding greater complexity through the use of more suppliers can seem daunting.  So beyond the...

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Blog, service desk, ITSM, Cloud / 15.01.2016

Delivering business support services in digital era - My users are driving Teslas - All I need to deliver is the electricity?

It’s not a news flash anymore that the corporate market is characterised by consumerization and exponential growth of data volumes, business applications and devices as new technologies become more commonly adopted.

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