Service-Flow Unplugged / 21.11.2018

ONEiO Unplugged: Where is the software market heading?

Juha Berghall, CEO of Service-Flow takes 5 minutes out of his busy day to chat to us about software, market trends and the future of work.

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Service-Flow Unplugged / 05.06.2017

Service-Flow Unplugged: Revolutionising the way we connect ITSM software

Ahead of SITS - The Service Desk Show (7-8th June, London) Service-Flow Chief Product Officer, Janne Kärkkäinen is interviewed about some of the tools you’ll be able to get hands on with at the show and the latest...

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Service-Flow Unplugged / 24.05.2017

SIAM and Integrations: Interview with Tieto's Integration Architect

Service-Flow has partnerships with a wide range of service providers around the world, including a long standing relationship with Tieto.

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Service-Flow Unplugged / 04.05.2017

Service-Flow Unplugged: Improvement, integration and the ‘bigger picture’ with Janne Kärkkäinen

In this edition of Service-Flow Unplugged we speak to CPO Janne Kärkkäinen about how IT leaders can bring principles of ITIL, Continous Service Improvement (CSI) and SIAM together to create more robust, agile and...

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Service-Flow Unplugged / 02.03.2017

Service-Flow Unplugged: Thinking beyond the API

Hi Janne, thanks for joining us again for another Service-Flow Unplugged. In your last interview we talked a lot about migrating services across different platforms, this time we want to dig a little deeper into the...

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Service-Flow Unplugged / 15.05.2016

Service-Flow Unplugged: Why simpler IT means faster ways to beat competitors

Managing the development of cutting edge technology is a tough and challenging job. However, Janne Kärkkäinen the CTO at Service-Flow took a few minutes out of his busy day to tell us what he gets up to.

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