3 tips how to become a more competitive MSP

Sanna Haapio | 03.07.2019
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....And 3 tips to get started


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3 vital questions to ask about your SIAM project

Juha Berghäll | 15.05.2019
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Service Integration and Management (SIAM) projects are some of the most complex undertakings an IT department can embark upon. This is because there are so many end-points to the work you are doing. Each team, third party, supplier and customer is going to have unique needs, ways of working and technologies, which you will need to make and mould your project around.

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What makes a competitive Service Integration Provider?

Sanna Haapio | 28.02.2019
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Service Integration Providers come in all shapes and sizes, from one-man-band consultants to huge MSPs who have Service Integration as just one of their many products to offer.

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3 Business Processes to focus on in 2019

Juha Berghäll | 19.02.2019
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People, technology and process. These are the things that consistently need our attention in order to keep our businesses modern, innovative and responsive to customer needs. When we look at these things from a holistic point of view, there are certain processes which enable success and unlock new value in different areas… and some of these areas are more important than others depending on the trends and changes going on in the marketplace.

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5 great tips for newly appointed IT Directors

Erkka Heinola | 14.02.2019
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So, you’ve just started as an IT leader in a new team or company. That’s great news and you have a fantastic journey and role ahead of you. Here at ONEiO we have had the luxury of working with hundreds of IT leaders and directors over the past decade and also been luckily enough to catch some right at the beginning of that part of their career.

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