Blog, ITSM, SIAM integrations, SIAM / 20.11.2018

Service Integration Horror Stories (Part 2) – “Three Questions to ask yourself soon rather than later”

Earlier in the year we wrote three horror stories about Service Integration projects going wrong… there were (a little) fictional, but all based on things we have seen in real-life during our careers. In case you...

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integration, Integrationmanagement, SIAM integrations, SIAM, oneioforiIT / 13.11.2018

10 software integration Tips for CIOS

 You’re in a great position. You can see the IT function within your business for what it is, the value it creates for your customers and how it enables better work within the organisation.

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ebooks, ONEiO, integration, SIAM integrations / 18.10.2018

The easier way to manage service integrations

Welcome to this instructional guide for IT pros who are trying to get all their internal and supplier service management tools talking to each other and sharing data. Fully integrated software and services sounds...

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Blog, ebooks, SIAM, service desk, SIAM integrations, ITSM / 16.10.2018

Optimising service desks for SIAM

How SIAM Changes the Role of IT in Your Business?

You may have heard the term ‘service desk brokers’ thrown around a bit in the last few years, particularly at big events or in industry publications. The premise...

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Blog, SIAM, SIAM integrations / 31.05.2018

The importance of people, process and tools in SIAM world

The importance of people, process and tools in a SIAM world

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Blog, SIAM, SIAM integrations, service desk / 27.03.2017

Five top tips for Service Desk Managers working with SIAM

Whether you are living the SIAM dream already or just researching whether it is the right approach for you, the needs and future of the service desk will very likely be the front of your mind.

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Blog, SIAM, oneioforiIT, SIAM integrations, ITSM / 06.02.2017

SIAM for high performing CIO’s

Complex and fast moving business targets require complex and reliable IT systems and services. However, in order for IT leaders to remain focused on high levels of availability and making effective and significant IT...

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integration, ITSM, Blog, SIAM, SIAM integrations / 07.04.2016

Service Desk meets SIAM: Integrating people, process and tools - with a multiplier

Service Integration and Management, SIAM, has hold ITSM crowd’s attention for a couple of years now and it is beginning to establish itself. Yet, it seems that there are as many explanations as there are explainers....

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agile, Cloud, continuous improvement, ITSM, SaaS, service improvement, SIAM integrations, Blog / 02.02.2016

Digitalization’s role in effective service integration

Tuuli Bell has a passion for all things technical from physics to ITSM. Combined with her practical approach to communication, she is both a customer-oriented, and goal-focused advisor. Tuuli is a solution consultant...

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continuous improvement, service improvement, SIAM integrations, Blog, SIAM / 14.09.2015

Agile Service Integrations – For Real?

Let’s face it, getting everything right the first time is not easy, especially when dealing with complex settings like multi-vendor SIAM rollouts.

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