Welcome to this instructional guide for IT pros who are trying to get all their internal and supplier service management tools talking to each other and sharing data. Fully integrated software and services sounds great in theory, but what does it look like in real life? We know IT has been tussling for decades to get this stuff right, so what’s changed?

At ONEiO we meet IT teams all the time who are fiddling around with DIY batch files, scripts and scheduled tasks, in order somehow to automate the otherwise manual process of getting data out of one system and into another.

Let’s be honest, not much has changed in this space for a long time. These ‘magic scripts’ and spreadsheets of data exports all look very similar to how they did 10 years ago, however now there are just a lot more of them! Inevitably this also means that every day more of them fail and more IT pros get bigger and bigger
headaches. This is now officially the old way of doing things. It’s been around for some time and everybody has had their fair share of integration pain; and now it’s over! Download ONEiO guide for easier service integrations.




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