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Elopak uses ONEiO to integrate ITSM applications and Service Providers

The ONEiO platform has provided Elopak with a stable, cost-effective and less labor-intensive foundation on which they are able to run their ServiceNow ITSM system integrations. With ONEiO in place, Elopak has been able to:

  • Switch or modify integrations with their vendors on the fly with no downtime.

  • Run updates quickly and seamlessly without manual labor.

  • Not have to rely on other companies’ systems allowing them to modify their own system to suit their needs and integrate it with other IT systems.

  • Get notified of any issues and be contacted of a resolution before noticing on their end.


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Elopak and ONEiO

ONEiO acts as the foundation for Elopak’s ITSM integration.

Elopak’s support ticket process can be complicated, as they provide in-house support with their main service providers too. ONEiO is the solution which ensures all of these tickets are monitored, resolved, and updated in real time making ONEiO an essential part of their ITSM set-up.

Being a production company, we have a lot of systems that integrate with each other. To collaborate closely with externals and third parties having the ONEiO ITSM integration in place provides us with good availability and response times throughout,” states Carsten Stege, the Manager for Process Management and Support for Elopak.

Elopak’s Challenges

Elopak were originally outsourcing their IT support, but wanted to improve their setup and processes. They had previously tried to lower costs by outsourcing, but unfortunately ended up with low-quality support which didn’t cater for the business, and came with language barriers.

Upon review, Elopak decided to take a different approach to the support setup. They wanted to bring on someone who matched the different support processes Elopak required, plus bring the function in-house as well.

Elopak also required somewhere to host support processes and act as a repository. This turned out to be an ITSM system.

Elopak selected ServiceNow, but soon realised they needed to integrate to their main support supplier as well. ServiceNow’s integration partner recommended ONEiO, which offered the functionality and ease of configuration they required. At a reasonable price.

Of course, the glowing recommendation was also meaningful, as Elopak were entering an area they were unfamiliar with, and so needed a system they could rely on, was simple and intuitive to use and easy to implement.

Benefits of ONEiO for Elopak

Being a production company, Elopak have many systems integrating with one another. In order to collaborate closely with externals and third parties, have the ONEiO integration in place has provided them with good availability and response times throughout and using ONEiO for ITSM integrations has been essential.

In general, Elopak have found using ONEiO for integrations incredibly simple. Particularly when needing to build or modify these integrations, such as switching to add a new ITSM system. In which case, only a few minor changes have been required as all of the heavy lifting has been done. 

I’m very pleased with how simple the integrations work. Traceability is excellent, you can easily find out what has happened with each ticket number. I have mostly only positives and almost no negatives. The integration is rock stable with very few hiccups. Sometimes it happens, but when we report it, there’s always a great response when it has been resolved. For me, it’s a very positive integration that we have with ONEiO,” states Joris de Boer, ServiceNow Steward and RFP Process Manager with Elopak.

Life Without ONEiO

Without ONEiO, Elopak would need to deal with manual integrations and updates. This is a very cumbersome process, which removes much of the high-level overview, resulting in Elopak members spending considerable amounts of time on jobs that add little value to the business.

Additionally, Elopak would potentially be dealing with unstable integrations. All of which take up more resources and time to manage.

With the integrations that use ONEiO, this is now a challenge of the past.

Elopak’s Final Thoughts 

Elopak have reported that every step of the ONEiO process has been simple and straightforward. They never had any issues during setup, and since then the integrations using ONEiO have been rock solid.

For Elopak, ONEiO is the foundation for our ITSM integration. It’s reliable, stable and easy to change the interface if the business needs change. It’s rock stable and ONEiO is always on the ball if there are any issues. We haven’t had any point in time with any major impact. It makes us sleep easy at night,” concludes Carsten.

About Elopak

Elopak is a global supplier of paper-based packaging system solutions for liquid products. They are best known for the consumer favourite Pure-Pak® carton. However, they see their core business as continuously innovating and exploring the pioneering edge of packaging. With their systems-based approach, they strongly focus our development on sustainability, processing standards, food science, logistics analysis, plus primary/secondary packaging concepts.

With their sophisticated network of market units and associates in more than 40 countries, Elopak serves customers all over the world. Consequently, as a global organisation, they have a responsibility and an obligation to leave behind a better earth for the next generation.

Elopak also prides itself as a Net Zero company and is committed to keeping global warming to 1,5°C following the Science Based Target Initiative. In support of this, they have already reduced their GHG emissions by 70%.

About ONEiO

ONEiO is a cloud-native integration service provider. We are driving the industrial revolution in the enterprise integration space by removing all traditional integration challenges by automating integration delivery and production and providing integrations as a cloud-based, enterprise-grade, secure and always-on service with an affordable pay-per-use pricing model.

If you are looking for ways to keep your tools and people up to speed, contact us for a free 15-minute assessment to see how we can help you reach better integration outcomes. With a 100% success guarantee!