Avoid relying on APIs! And 4 other integration tips for Service Desk Managers

Ilkka Puikkonen | 19.09.2019
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Service Desks and their respective managers are very much the unsung heroes of the IT department. As more ‘app-led working cultures grow and emerge within the workplace, the team at the coalface of the department can quickly lose clout to the ‘rock star’ developers and ‘IT owned’ product managers.

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Multiple service desks and ITSM tools. Threat or opportunity?

Janne Kärkkäinen | 17.09.2019
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Organisations, their suppliers and partners can often find themselves in situations where they are (intentionally and unintentionally) working across several service desk or service management tools. This is not immediately a bad thing. However, it can often be a ‘complex’ thing.

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How to create an integration strategy that REALLY works?

Juha Berghäll | 12.09.2019
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When we see different businesses approaching integration projects, we can often follow success and failure back to some very early on decisions. These decisions sit well within the strategy stages of the project and more often than not, failures come down to a distinct lack of strategy.

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How to sell your integration strategy to the business?

Juha Berghäll | 10.09.2019
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Most IT teams trick themselves into thinking they have an integration strategy, when really all they have is a project plan. I have spent over a decade working with IT teams and pretty much all of them, when asked to present a strategy either have nothing at all or pull out a spreadsheet of dates and tasks.

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3 quick wins for software integration projects

Erkka Heinola | 05.09.2019
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What slows down an integration project?


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Becoming a market leading MSP with ONEiO. Got a licence to sell?

Sanna Haapio | 03.09.2019
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What does it take for MSP to stand out from the competition?

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Service-Flow rebrands as a ONEiO Cloud

Juha Berghäll | 02.09.2019
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Date: September 2, 2019

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How to integrate customer experience and IT?

Ilkka Puikkonen | 21.08.2019
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Blog, business service integration

 "As a result, Sales can be continually well-informed by marketing… Marketing can get access to the data they need to drive their most effective activities. And, IT can make technology and software choices that enable these ways of working."


As you most likely know, collaboration and team work around the business is the key to getting great work done. But despite this widely believed concept, many teams and departments still let everyday obstacles get in the way of effective collaboration. Why is this? And,...

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On-premise, cloud or hybrid model? And how to integrate?

Juha Berghäll | 13.08.2019
Blog, cloud integration, hybrid cloud integration

Why do on-premise solutions fail?

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3 most common mistakes when setting up cloud integrations, and how to avoid them.

Janne Kärkkäinen | 08.08.2019
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Having a complex ecosystem of cloud-based applications and solutions is for many businesses, a necessary approach to providing a broad spectrum of scalable products and services. However; the bigger that ecosystem becomes, the more challenging it gets to manage the way those different applications support and communicate with each other. 

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