August 18, 2020
Written by Dennis Kelley

The Cloud People was founded in December 2019. Behind the company is a group of people who recognized the needs of providing resources on two of the fastest growing cloud platforms, ServiceNow and Google Cloud. Currently, their team has already grown to include 50 people, with locations in Oslo, Stavanger, Helsinki and Krakow, and they have ambitions to grow to about 80 people by the end of 2020 with an expanded market in Northern Europe.




The Cloud People have chosen ONEiO iPaaS as their preferred integration solution for customers in Northern Europe and beyond. With ONEiO iPaaS as a preferred integration solution for their Servicenow offering, The Cloud People are able to present to their customers a robust integration hub that can handle tens of thousands of monthly tickets, save customers money on licensing costs while saving The Cloud People 100’s of hours a month by leveraging the ONEiO solution.


ONEiO iPaaS, a subscription-based next generation integration platform, for buyers and providers of IT and other business services. ONEiO enables an ecosystem of people, applications, processes and suppliers filling the gap between customers and internal teams, as well as external service providers.


“We already knew ONEiO from a previous collaboration and are proud and humble to be able to work with their experienced team again. We have seen the added value the solution brings to our customers and we look forward to doing joint business moving forward”, says Bjørn Jarl, COB of The Cloud People.



About The Cloud People


The Cloud People was founded by a group of people who have been working with the world’s leading cloud solutions since its start. Our common passion is helping clients succeed on their digital transformation journey, moving from legacy on-premise solutions to modern cloud based solutions. Our experienced team helps our customers fully utilize the competitive advantages from the market leading cloud platforms.


The Cloud People is a certified ServiceNow and Google Cloud Platform Partner and an authorized G Suite Reseller. Through our service called “Smart Resourcing”, our customers are able to find the right competence at the right task. By combining local experienced senior advisors and architects, with low-cost on-premise technical resources, we guarantee high quality to a reasonable price.



About ONEiO Cloud Corporation


ONEiO Cloud Corporation is a software as a service (SaaS) provider specializing in the further development and production of their next generation integration platform (iPaaS). Founded in 2011 in Helsinki, Finland, and now with offices in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, ONEiO’s approach to solving traditional integration delivery and production challenges with their vendor neutral integration solution has seen rapid demand among European and North American enterprises as well as Managed Services Providers.


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