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Service-Flow rebrands as a ONEiO Cloud

Date: September 2, 2019

Service-Flow rebrands as a ONEiO Cloud

As of today, Service-Flow Oy is known as ONEiO Cloud Oy. Changing the company name is a continuum of last year’s ONEiO product launch. The new name unifies the company’s brand globally. The company has already registered ONEiO Cloud GmbH and ONEiO Cloud Inc. as subsidiaries in Germany and the USA.

“ONEiO, directly translated as one input/output, describes the next-generation iPaaS-solution that we have developed. Each party using it only needs one interface and the integration logic required for any use case is configured in one centralized place, ONEiO – not into separate APIs of applications,” says CEO and Founding Partner of ONEiO Cloud Oy, Juha Berghäll.

The new name is rolled out on September 2, 2019.


ONEiO Cloud Oy is a Finnish SaaS company developing and providing the next generation iPaaS, designed especially for enterprise application users and business service providers.

ONEiO iPaaS enables an effortless and easy integration without specific integration skills and removes the problems related to traditional integration delivery, maintenance and reliability.

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ONEiO Cloud Oy 


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